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About Nikkon

Success Electronics & Transformer Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd. (SETM) was first established in 1980. Wholly owned by Success Transformer Corporation Berhad, SETM is first of its kind to be listed on the Main Board of Malaysia’s securities exchange, Bursa Malaysia.


SETM manufactures the most comprehensive range of low voltage transformers in Malaysia and supplies large volumes of industrial lighting to both domestic and international markets. Through the company’s dedication towards customer satisfaction and innovation over the years, SETM is now one of the largest low voltage transformer and industrial lighting manufacturers in Malaysia.


The company’s strength lies in the manufacturing of power transformers and electrical apparatus products such as automatic voltage stabilizers, detuned harmonic circuit filter reactor, battery chargers and testers. The company’s portfolio includes LED range of industrial lighting products such as floodlights, streetlights, highbays and HID lighting.


With over 850 distributors in Malaysia, SETM has long supported the domestic market. Today, the company is exporting its products to over 40 countries including Germany, United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Africa, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. The company is rapidly expanding its business growth into global markets.


SETM aims to strengthen its position domestically and intensify the company’s global market presence with commitment to maintain high quality products and services. It is our priority to provide satisfactory services to customers around the world.

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