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About Otis

In 1854, Elisha Otis travelled to the New York World's Fair to promote his new invention. Standing high above the crowd on a platform lift, he ordered the retaining rope cut. The crowd cried out. His safety brake held.
And in that moment, one man changed the world's perspective on what's possible, sending it rising up.

We move billions of people a day but never lose sight of what each passenger wants and needs. It’s been that way since we invented the world’s first safety lift more than 160 years ago. And it’s why we continue to set the standard for the industry we created.

Our global presence ensures consistent quality, safety and service, wherever you are.

We offer products and services in 200 countries and territories. Wherever you are, you can count on absolute consistency when it comes to quality, safety and style. That’s the commitment of our 26 engineering centers and 11 test towers around the world.

Our designs come to life at our ISO-certified factories on four continents. Given our range of products, we’re able to meet the diverse needs of the most demanding customers and passengers.

Our global presence also enables us to offer the highest levels of personalized service, delivered by 31,000 expert mechanics worldwide.

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