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About Panel Cube

Introduction - Toilet Cubicles, Washroom Cubicles, Restroom Cubicles.

PANEL CUBE BUILDERS is upcoming brand in Toilet Cubicle System and Toilet Partitioning System and Washroom Cubicles & Restroom Cubicles. Made using Compact Grade Solid Laminates used as the main partitioning material which is fixed using varieties of sections and different types of hardware.

PANEL CUBE BUILDERS- The new age concept of washroom decor High on aesthetics & low on cost, a fast & flexible system completing today’s contemporary washroom needs. Completely eliminating the bulky, messy brick & tile concept and enabling more space. PANEL CUBE BUILDERS besides being waterproof, allows you the freedom of design & blends into any decor with an array of colors. Exclusively exported to Asia country and distributed across in whole Malaysia.

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