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About Penetron

Founded in the late 1970s, PENETRON developed cementitious waterproofing products and additives to create an optimal crystalline technology. Today, the PENETRON system of products is sold around the world in over 60 countries through qualified applicators and distributors.

The know-how and experience gained over the past 40 years has enabled PENETRON to offer a broad range of concrete solutions, including crystalline waterproofing, waterstops and liquid sealers. The PENETRON system has been proven effective on countless major projects worldwide. The technical excellence of the products and a knowledgeable and dependable team of people have made the company the industry leader.

- Penetron Malaysia was established in the year of 2004 in Malaysia and our role is representing Penetron International to promoting the product locally or as manufacturer representative.

- Penetron Malaysia has successfully supplied to many project locally such as Lot K KLcc,Grand Hyatt hotel,Four Season Hotel,The Troika,Puteri Habour project and many more.

- The reason why Penetron was chosen is because of its high quality product,good service,reliable,deliver on time,a strong technical team to support the project,Excellent QA/QC,back up with 40 years of experience in the waterproofing industrial world wide,delivered promise and many more.

- Penetron Malaysia is totally committed to the project with uncompromised quality to minimize the defect.(To achieved Zero defect is our objective).

- The Management Team in Penetron Malaysia is having 30 years of experience in the industrial and we are able to handle any sophisticated and demanding specification project for our client. The company objective is to keep up a good standard of quality works in Malaysia.

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