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About Quarella

For more than fifty years now, we have with great passion brought Engineered Stone with Italian design and manufacturing quality to a worldwide market creating contemporary “Italian lifestyle” surfaces of great charm and elegance.

Making full use of our experience and expertise, transforming hard work, competence and design talent into new trend setting concepts.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions through a wide range of aesthetically, technically and economically superior products for flooring, cladding and interior design elements servicing the Building Industry as well as leading Architects and Interior Designers.

The knowledge that we have contributed to the successful completion of an impressive number of iconic projects worldwide providing value and inspiration as well as contributing to the wellbeing of our clients and end users alike is a source of great satisfaction to us all.

In a similar fashion to our products our corporate culture combines different cultural business models each with its own excellent basic characteristics with the aim of creating a group which is better than the sum of the parts, synthesized into a proactive, flexible, efficient, rapid and state of the art team.

We will continue to grow our business through incessant improvement adopting sustainable practices in a socially responsible manner.

Respectful of the results so far obtained but always looking to push the boundaries we will invest in the innovation of production technologies, processes and products through Research and Development while ensuring the safest of working conditions.

Recognizing the extraordinary company history and the knowledge accumulated as the launching pad for future improvement we look forward with ambition and passion to evolving into an ever more relevant and trusted partner for our direct and indirect commercial and technical partners.

The cornerstone values of our business remain:

• An exceptional team of highly skilled, experienced and motivated people;
• Respect of the highest environmental standards in a lowest possible impact approach;
• Commitment and determination to provide Italian design driven industry leading quality and service;
• Integrity to do things the right way because simply that’s the best way;

You can rely on us to be solid business partners but also market leading cutting edge innovators.

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