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About Rolform

Rolform Sendirian Berhad was locally incorporated in 1979 by a group of Engineering Professionals to produce metal roofing, wall cladding and rain water goods. It is one of the first such companies in Malaysia to have fully local participation and technology. In 1998, with the incorporation of European Technologies, Rolform has ventured into high end roofing and walling works utilizing new innovative profile – Standing Seam Profile! 

Again we are one of the first roofing companies to venture into this new technology to enable Architects to express their ideas in all shape and form of roof and wall. 


The Company’s main activity is in the manufacturing of the following metal formed products namely: 

- VM Zinc – VM Titanium Zinc roofing products

- Profiled steel roofing sheets and wall claddings

- Gutter and downpipes and ancillary rain water goods

- Flashing and cappings

- Metal Ventilators, louvres, etc

- Crimped or curved profiled sheets

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