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About Savona

Aimer, Savona & Zella are Malaysian brands that offering a wide range of sanitary ware & faucet for both residential and commercial uses today. We offers a line of bathroom architecture products that embodies the latest contemporary lifestyles with high quality standards and innovative product features. Alluring design of our ware, the enticing curves, and the lustrous glass-like finish is always an essential part of quality in our wares.

Our products are manufactured follow the ISO, SIRIM & IKRAM requirement and we offered our qualities product in impressive design at affordable price. Besides that, we have large warehouse facility to keep our stock for those prompt or short lead time deliveries. Hence, Savona & Zella has the expertise, facilities and dedication necessary to meet all your needs. We hope to create a well-known brand-through our continued efforts, which is popular with the consumers.

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