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About Schindler

Schindler’s presence in Malaysia started back in the fifties when Harrison Lister Engineering Company became an agent after the end of World War II. Schindler Lift (M) Sdn Bhd was setup in 1974 and took over the elevator business. Ten years later, Syarikat Persaka Antah Sdn Bhd and Jardine Schindler Pacific BV entered into a joint-venture through Schindler Lifts (M) Sdn Bhd. Today the wholly owned subsidiary of that partnership, Antah Schindler Sdn Bhd, is an authorized distributor and service provider for Schindler elevators and escalators for the whole of Malaysia.

Schindler has been involved in the design, supply, installation, modernization and maintenance of Schindler elevators and escalators found in many buildings for both the public and private sectors. Schindler solutions are currently operating in hospitals, airports, government buildings, offices, condominiums, shopping malls, factories and many other areas throughout Malaysia.

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