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About Sericite

INNO Ceramitec Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia in 1997 as a vitreous china sanitary ware manufacturer. At the beginning of its operation, INNO was only producing and marketing lower end sanitary wares in the local market. INNO has always been striving to achieving technical and operational excellence since its establishment. The company was then successfully expanding its products range to cater for the mid and high end market. Today, INNO’s brand name has not only become a synonym to top quality sanitary ware in Malaysia, while the products are also being exported to countries all over the world.

SERICITE – The Innovative & Environmental-Friendly Series
As an innovative and responsible manufacturer, INNO has been putting a lot of efforts in creating durable, hygienic, easy-to-maintain and safe-to-use sanitary wares. INNO’s popular series – SERICITE was introduced to the market and received positive responses since 1997 for its top-rated quality and reasonable price range.

The raw material of SERICITE series was carefully selected – an exclusively natural and environmental friendly formula made up by clay, feldspar, quartz and lead free glaze.

At INNO, we care about both environmental good and consumer safety. Thus, we are always working towards delivering value-added products to the market.

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