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About Trocellen


Trocellen is a manufacturer of cross-linked PO foams. Together with our Japanese owner, Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd., we are heading for global success.

With more than 600 employees at seven sites and many cooperating companies, various partner universities, institutes and designers we offer solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. Via our diverse business units, we meet industry-specific requirements and continuously develop innovative products for all kinds of needs. We produce finished goods, semi-finished products and raw materials for the consumer market and for our partners in various industries such as automotive, construction and insulation, leisure and professional sport, adhesive tapes, footwear and packaging.

Through the great variety of our products we provide people with a warm and quiet home and working environment. We make travel comfortably and safe. We help them enjoy their leisure activities and protect their health at the same time. We make fashion secure and security stylish. We develop solutions and realize a great variety of professional projects in cooperation with our partners.



1972 to present

Trocellen was founded as a new company and brand of Dynamit Nobel and HT Troplast. The name and the products quickly built up a strong reputation and Trocellen soon became a successful brand of the company. With headquarters in Troisdorf, Germany, the evolving and transforming company has since opened or acquired various production plants in Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Malaysia.


The beginning of a new millennium meant a new start for Trocellen as well. At the end of 2000 the brand and the product portfolio behind it were transformed into an independent company – the Trocellen GmbH. Massive investments have been made into production capacities and technology, enabling the company to occupy a strong and unique market position: Trocellen became the only European foam producer offering both chemically cross-linked and physically cross-linked foams for various industries not just in Europe but worldwide.


The next important step in the company’s history was taken in 2005, when two global companies, the Japanese Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. and Otsuka Chemical Co. Ltd. took over Trocellen. The excellent know-how in the foam industry provided by the new owners has strengthened even further the technological and innovation background of Trocellen.


Through various acquisitions and mergers in Europe Trocellen extended its production and development capacity step by step. By acquiring Polifoam, the Japanese-Hungarian joint venture founded in 1984, Trocellen became the first-choice chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam manufacturer in the Central-Eastern European market as well.


Trocellen restructured its organizations and redefined its market approach. We have put our partners’ needs into the centre of everything we do. The new business-unit-based organization enabled Trocellen to respond more easily to the market needs through better understanding, consistent monitoring and building long-lasting instances of business co-operation.


Furukawa became 100% owner of Trocellen GmbH. This has widened the horizon for both companies to exploit the full potential in innovation and business cooperation.

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