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About Wal Guard

Established in 1993, TSI Engineering Sdn Bhd (TSIE), a company affiliated to TSI Group, has growth rapidly over the past decade as one of the leading and well respected manufacturer and distributes specialised building products for all industry.

It currently offers wide range of specialised building products that include Raised Access Floor, Wall Protection, Cubicle Curtain Track, Expansion Joints Systems and Power Distribution Products which are synonymous with quality and are designed, manufactured and tested under strict quality control to meet the highest national and international standard. With over two decades of invaluable experience in the building industry, TSIE strives to innovative its products and services and will continue to tap its effort in the research and development of new products that can enhance on-site productivity, quality, reliability and customer satisfaction by providing high level of responsive service.

Today, the company has exported its manufactured products to various countries in South East Asia and also Middle East.

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