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About Weida

What We Do

Founded in 1983, Weida (M) Bhd. ("WEIDA") has grown over the years to become an established group of companies today. The Group engages approximately 1,000 professionals and support personnel working from more than 10 offices, plants and project sites throughout Malaysia and the Philippines.

WEIDA has its origin from Sarawak, starting as a manufacturing company. From humble beginnings, it has grown beyond the shores of Sarawak and has diversified into other business sectors successfully while maintaining a respectable position in the market place.

WEIDA is involved in four core business sectors as fololows:

• Manufacturing

• Environmental services

• Works (Utilities Infrastructures)

• Property Development

Through a diversified business base and recurrent income arising from long term contracts, WEIDA pursues a balanced and sustainable growth.

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