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Tips to Choose Your Office Furniture, Home Office Furniture, and Commercial Furniture

With the wide selection of furniture available in the market these days, it can be confusing to know which ones work best as your office furniture, home office furniture or as commercial furniture. Some furniture might be suitable to be used in offices or home offices but not for commercial use, and vice versa. Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the perfect furniture for your office, home office, and for commercial use.

Office Furniture

Choosing the right office furniture is important as it may affect your employees’ well-being and productivity. Four important factors that you should consider thoroughly while selecting your office furniture are functionality, comfort, space, and style. Look for desks with built-in storage to keep things out of sight and to avoid clutter. As your employees will spend a significant amount of time sitting at their desks, choose ergonomic desk chairs with proper back support and armrests with adjustable height to give better comfort to their backs. The size of your office furniture should largely depend on your office space. Bulky furniture will take up too much space, and your employees will find it difficult to move around freely within the cramped space. While planning out the arrangement of your office furniture, make sure to first measure your office space. Afterwards, buy the right-sized office furniture (if possible, look for multi-functional ones to save cost and space), and don’t forget to leave enough room for your employees to be comfortable working in your office. Lastly, choose office furniture that matches the existing décor and overall theme that can reflect your company’s brand and identity.

Home Office Furniture

The most suitable home office furniture is one in which you will be most comfortable and productive in. First of all, measure the space that you have for your home office. Remember to also take into consideration the width of your windows and doorways while you’re planning out the placement of your home office furniture. Make sure to choose home office furniture that won’t cramp up the space and still allow you to move around freely. If you will be using your home office for about 5 hours or more each day, it would be better to invest in functional and comfortable home office furniture over stylish furniture. Choose a comfy office chair that provides the most support and comfort for you. Opt for a desk with the right size, height, shape and storage that suits your needs. Lastly, set the budget on how much you’re willing to spend for your home office furniture. Start from the most essential elements like a desk, a chair, and a task light. Consider adding storage or decorative items if you still have left over budget.

Commercial Furniture

For commercial uses like in cafés, it is much preferable to choose strong and durable furniture as it will be frequently use daily. Therefore, furniture made from wood and metal can be the perfect choices. Opt for low maintenance commercial furniture. Do not cramp up the space with too much tables and chairs. Keep in mind to leave sufficient room for your customers to pull out their chairs while also providing privacy by setting some distance between tables. More space also means your staffs will be able to move in between tables more freely. If possible, choose commercial furniture that is not only functional and comfortable but also stylish. Match your décor and furniture to the overall theme of your café. This creates an individual style that can look interesting and inviting. 

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