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Why You Should Choose UPVC Doors and UPVC Windows for Your Home

These days, UPVC windows and UPVC doors are rising in popularity and are increasingly adopted in residential houses. UPVC, the abbreviation of Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, or also known as rigid PVC, is a form of hard plastic that is commonly used in windows and doors. Investing in high-quality UPVC windows and UPVC doors might be an ideal choice for your home as they not only have great value for money but also offer sound insulation and thermal efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of choosing UPVC doors and UPVC windows for your home:


Although they are light, UPVC doors and UPVC windows have sturdy frames and a strong layer of galvanized steel, which are very hard to break, deterring potential criminals breaking into your home. Most UPVC windows and UPVC doors these days also come with single or multi-point high-security locks attached to their frames.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural materials, UPVC windows and UPVC doors don’t require annual sanding, varnishing, and repainting. To keep your UPVC doors and UPVC window clean and to prevent staining and dirt, you can simply wipe them with water and detergent.


UPVC windows and UPVC doors are recognised for being superior to hardword timber or aluminium in terms of durability and resistance to pollution, moisture, corrosion, and mould. UPVC doors and UPVC windows are also coated to protect them against UV rays and prevent them from fading under constant sun exposure.


Unlike metals, UPVC is a non-conductor of heat. It doesn’t transfer heat; therefore, it helps keep the internal temperature consistent. This feature also makes UPVC windows and UPVC doors extremely energy-efficient as they can help reduce heating and cooling costs. UPVC windows and UPVC doors also provide great sound insulation, reducing external noise by up to 70%.


The average life span of UPVC doors and UPVC windows is between 40-80 years and they can be recycled as often as 10 times. They are made from environmentally-friendly material and can be recycled into commercial floor tiles, plumbing pipes, roadsite guideposts, etc.

Flame Retardant

As required to adhere to the fire safety protocol, UPVC windows and UPVC doors are made from fire rated materials that can prevent external fire spread. This material keeps the primary route open for 30 minutes in the event of fire incident.


UPVC windows come in a ‘tilt and turn’ configuration system which enables windows opening in two directions to enhance maximum natural cross ventilation. This provides efficient airflow into the room. Tilting the windows inwards allows hot air to escape through the top and side openings; while turning the windows to open fully allows for easy cleaning from the inside of your home.


Lastly, all UPVC windows and UPVC doors can be custom built to meet your desired specifications. They can be tailored into various shapes, styles, colours, and even imitation effects. This means you won’t have to worry about your UPVC windows and UPVC doors not fitting perfectly into your home. 

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