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10 new colours and a new plate finish for Prime Melamine

07 Nov 2019 by NZ Panels Group

Prime Panels is excited to release 10 new designs into the Prime Melamine range in tandem with the release of a new Timberland plate finish which provides a deeply textured and realistic timber structure. When combined with any woodgrain decor, it can be hard to distinguish from natural timber veneer.

The use of timber and woodgrain surfaces in interiors is growing exponentially, driven by a desire for more authentic and natural surfaces as the world becomes more digital. That's the backdrop for the introduction of eight stunning new woodgrain designs.

Oak is the most popular timber when it comes to veneer so it also features heavily in the new line-up with the rustic-styled Oiled Oak and Smokey Oak together with the more classically styled Original Oak and Black Forest Oak.  With a huge demand for walnut, there are three new decors covering the spectrum from light to dark – Ashen Walnut, Charred Walnut and Hickory Walnut. Nordic Pine covers the rustic/Scandi look.

The two new patterns - Skyfall and Mr Grey relate in design to Silver Fox which was released earlier this year to an enthusiastic response.

Prime Edging is available for all the new melamine colours in 1mm and 2mm thickness, both in 45 mm or 22mm wide. To make way for the new colours, there have been five range deletions - Manor Oak, Sandstone, Sabine Strata, Dark Oak and Lite Oak.

NZ Panels Group
New Zealand
NZ Panels Group manufactures melamine and veneer panels under the Bestwood and Prime Panels brands. Prime Panels also offers acrylic, stone and laminate surfaces. Dezignatek offers custom pre-finished doors and panels while Kopine makes particleboard flooring.


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