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How to upgrade your existing bedroom

05 Nov 2019 by Saniflo

Upgrade your bedroom!

Having an ensuite in your bedroom is a great way to add value to your home and to enjoy the privacy it brings. Now with Saniflo’s discreet hidden pumps, this can be achieved without adding an additional building or the cost of expensive traditional plumbing alterations

An ensuite

A dream for many homeowners is an ensuite for mum and dad. When you have more than 3 people using the one bathroom, it can get really crowded. With separate spaces, like a parents-only ensuite, the bathroom congestion will ease up.

To create an ensuite, consider first where you will place it. A popular ensuite conversion is a walk-in-robe turned ensuite as many homeowners are finding that they don’t really need a walk-in-robe. Another popular ensuite location is the more open in-room space. This works really well for those people who have a larger bedroom and want to create an ensuite, just without closing off the entire space. It’s also within these spaces that you can really maximise the beautiful appeal of a standalone bathtub.

To achieve your ensuite no matter where your bedroom is located, you can use Saniaccess 3. This macerator pump has the ability to connect to a toilet, shower and sink and is ideal for complete bathrooms. If you’re looking to create an ensuite with a bathtub, Saniflo’s Sanivite will make the bathtub addition possible! This greywater pump has the ability to pump waste water up to 5m vertically or 50m horizontally to the nearest sewerage mains, so there’s no need to worry if your intended ensuite location is further from the sewerage main than traditional plumbing will allow, or if it’s underground/downhill from the sewerage.

If you fancy a wall hung toilet in your ensuite, you can achieve it using Sanipack

An additional bathroom

While we’re talking about storage, how many of us are guilty of having a hall closet, or even a walk-in robe that isn’t properly utilised? While it can be “easier” to stuff belongings in a closet instead of properly sorting them (and chances are throwing a fair few out), there’s a much better way to go about your home organisation. If you are guilty of this and find that you have a poorly used closet, why not turn it into a powder room! You’re not using this space effectively, so you probably don’t need that closet as much as you think you do, so go ahead and create the additional bathroom you really need! While it’s not a minor addition, it is surely a much needed one.

To turn your unused cupboard into a bathroom, Saniflo’s Sanicompact can help you. This innovative all-in-one macerating toilet suite features Saniflo’s macerating technology within the toilet itself, so there’s no need to purchase additional facilities. It also has the capacity to connect to a wash basin, providing you with everything you need for your powder room! The best part about the Sanicompact is that it’s incredibly environmentally friendly and was the first ever toilet to be awarded a 6-star WELS rating for water efficiency. 

Who are we?If Saniflo is a leader on its market today and a major actor in the sanitary field, this is thanks to its permanent will to innovate. Saniflo Group is present worldwide through its subsidiaries or distributors with a complete range of macerators, pumps, lifting stations designed for houses, collectivities and boats.History of SFA1958After starting out designing equipment for wastewater treatment plants, SFA revolutionizes the sanitary fixtures market by creating the toilet macerator. This product, the SFA Sanibroyeur, makes it possible to install toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms anywhere in the house without major remodelling work.1970-1980With great success in France, SFA expands its sales throughout Europe and North America. At the same time, SFA differentiates itself from other players in the industrial sector by conducting its first television communication campaigns.1990-2000SFA becomes one of the pioneering industrial groups in France to engage in a quality certification process. Its production facilities are among the first ISO-certified factories. The SFA Group diversifies its activities while remaining focused on the sanitary fixtures sector.2000-2010SFA's culture of innovation leads to a growing diversification of products. Thus, the SANICUBIC® line is launched for lifting, and the Research and Development teams improve the SANIBROYEUR line for superior comfort. SFA becomes a household name among professionals and individual consumers alike, reaching its 50th year in 2008.2010-2018The SFA Group celebrates 60 years of innovation and continues to improve its existing lines with the UP access panel, winning gold in the 2017 Ideobains innovation contest. Still tuned in to the trends of the bathroom world, the SANIFLOOR line for walk-in showers sees its first model marketed in 2015, and then improved in 2018.


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