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Bathroom Fitting and Accessories

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Elevate your project bathroom ambiance with exquisite fittings and accessories. Whether it's the opulence of a gold basin adorning a custom vanity or the regal touch of gold tapware and matching shower fittings, now is the opportune moment to infuse style into your project bathroom. Choose from a variety of fittings that resonate with your vision—be it the sleek lines of a modern freestanding bath mixer tap or the space-saving elegance of a back-to-wall bath for that coveted freestanding look. Prioritize accessibility and comfort by incorporating a shower seat and a comfort-height toilet, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and style. Dive into our diverse selection of brands to discover the perfect bathroom fittings and accessories to transform your bathroom project into a haven of luxury and sophistication.

Search for specifications for bathroom fittings, accessories, and appliances brands and suppliers around Australia, only on Archify.

Guide to Bathroom Fittings, Accessories and Appliances

Upgrading your bathroom, including bathroom fittings, is probably the most affordable and easiest project amongst other rooms in a home renovation projects such as dining or living room. Despite its heavy usage, bathrooms aren’t always a homeowner’s favourite room, and isn’t one they spend a lot of time designing and decorating. Therefore, paying some attention, energy, and time into updating and refreshing your bathroom can go a long way.

To help you understand the basics of bathroom accessories, fittings, and appliances, we’ve provided an insightful guide below :

Bathroom Accessories Material Options

Each bathroom accessory set has its own purpose. They come in an extensive range of styles and materials, from plastic, wood, bamboo, stainless-steel, and many others. Whether you are looking for the most stylish ones in the market or the most affordable and practical accessories, there are many stylish options available to you.

That being said, budget is a determining factor in choosing the accessories for a bathroom.

Here are some of the recommended materials you can find both in bathroom accessories online Australia shops and offline stores:

• Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories

Stainless steel is a great material choice for accessories in the bathroom like the faucet and basin. However, be aware of cheap stainless steel accessories because they usually have a short durability due to rusting tendency. Good quality stainless steel may be dearer, but will be worth the investment long term.

Brass Accessories Material for Bathroom

Brass is another material often used for bathroom fixtures. It is a popular material option for luxury bathroom accessories in Australia. It has advantages such as being resistant to corrode and leak, as well as having great durability.

Timber Bathroom Accessories

You can choose to use either solid or engineered woods for bathroom furniture, floors, and accessories. However, they have to be duly waterproofed first. Timber is a less popular material selection for bathroom as it requires more care and maintenance.

Bathroom Fittings Types

From toilet to shower, understanding bathroom fitting sets can be quite confusing when you’re not familiar with the terminologies during the renovation project. Here are some of the most common bathroom fittings to know:

• Bathroom Toilet Fittings

When purchasing a toilet, you have to consider its various features such as bowl shape, height, style, colour, and flushing mechanism. A majority of toilets would either have gravity-feed or pressure-assisted flushing technology, the former being more common and the latter costlier.

• Bathroom Tap Fittings

It is easy to overlook the importance of choosing the correct tap types when you’re scrolling through online bathroom fittings options. Taps are amongst the most used items in your bedroom since they’re present on your bathtub, sink, and shower. Research before you purchase to ensure your bathroom is compatible with your new fittings.

• Bathroom Shower Fittings

Shower is considered as relatively modern fittings that give you convenience of bathing under the cascade of water, instead of having to wait until you piling the bathtub. More than being a refreshing, speedy, and stylish asset to your home, shower is more environmentally and economically friendly compared to using the whole bathtub.

Bathroom Appliances Importance

Whether you live in a two-story house in Sydney or a tiny apartment in Melbourne, renovating your bathroom is one of the most worthwhile projects of home improvement to take. Regardless of whether the project is an upscale upgrading or a midrange décor updating, the appliances you choose are what separate these two.

Bathroom appliances tend to be a factor that increases the interest of homebuyer. However, they are not the only things that you should consider when renovating bathroom, as structural upgrade may be a factor too.

In conclusion, the right bathroom accessories, fittings, and appliances will add functional and aesthetical value to any well-designed bathroom. There’s a large range of bathroom fittings and products available in Australia, so the possibilities are endless!

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