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Five Tips for Home Decoration to Prevent Allergies



Having an allergic reaction to dust, pollen or certain chemical substances for sure is troublesome. You have to routinely clean the areas where you do daily activities, including the interior design of your house. One way to reduce the needs for frequent cleaning is by decluttering—sorting out belongings at home to reduce dust and dirt accumulation. However, if you desire a house that’s not only comfortable to live in but also adorned with a lot of decorative items, you’ll need to take some special measures.

Here are five tips for home decoration for those of you who have allergies. These decorative items can help you minimise dust getting trapped and keep your house safe and cosy.

Avoid Using Carpets

Five Tips for Home Decoration to Prevent Allergies ©Shutterstock

Being placed on the floor means that carpets accumulate more dust particles. Cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner routinely is sometimes not sufficient, especially for houses on the roadside with many windows. Therefore, if possible, avoid using carpets. If you still want to put a carpet at home, make sure to choose one with shorter fur to minimise the accumulation of dust.

Type of Curtains

Five Tips for Home Decoration to Prevent Allergies ©Shutterstock

The next element that can trigger allergy is curtain fabric. If you are allergic to dust, it is best to avoid using quilted fabric curtain. You can use window shutter or window blind to block glaring sun ray during the daytime. They don’t usually trap dust and are easier to clean.

The Choices of Furniture

Five Tips for Home Decoration to Prevent Allergies ©Shutterstock

A fabric couch/sofa can also be dusty. Therefore, a leather couch/sofa can be a better alternative. Other furniture that you need to pay attention to is storage shelf. If possible, use less open storage. Things placed on open shelves may collect dust too.

Artificial Plants

Five Tips for Home Decoration to Prevent Allergies ©Shutterstock

Plants can be considered as the most practical decorative elements to adorn your house. However, if you are allergic to pollen, you’d better avoid real plants, especially the ones with flowers. You replace them with artificial plants instead. But make sure that they are made of high-quality material that can stay in a good condition for a long time. Don’t forget to clean these artificial plants routinely, especially the leaves because that’s where dust accumulates.

Unscented Candles

Five Tips for Home Decoration to Prevent Allergies ©Shutterstock

Decorating rooms with scented candles for sure is interesting. But if you have an allergy, it is better to avoid scented candles. You can replace it with the unscented ones. To make it more aesthetic, you can complement the candles with beautiful artificial plants. Another alternative is by using LED candles that are available these days in various shapes and designs.

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