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Northpoint City, Opens in Grandeur

25 July 2019 by Limelight Atelier

Northpoint City, Opens in Grandeur

The lighting design approach of the largest mixed development at the north of Singapore, was inspired by the nearby town garden’s vegetation, employing bespoke vertical light blades, incorporated into the architectural fins and edifices. It allows an expansion visual of the vista and achieving a holistic reconciliation of these two types of architecture, with a shared language. These features are dynamic but gentle, offering a form of visual poetry to the viewer. The conjunction of the buildings was completed around the main entrance with a vibrant ETFE and fritted glass canopy. lighted with colour changing lights concealed on the supporting structure, giving them a mystical, kaleidoscopic air of brilliant colours, both close-up and from a distance.

Once through the main glass doors, visitors find themselves immerse in a vibrant colour parametric translucent paper, that provided a pallet of soft dynamic hues, softening the exterior/interior boundary.

A community wall of artworks has been placed in the basement atrium. illuminated by double rows of flexible track lighting with the beams set at various angles, which eliminated the shadows created by the artworks.

Adjoining this atrium is a thriving retail corridor with faux nostalgic facades. We addressed these them as if they were real, uplighting them using concealed lighting and employing multiple customised backlighting ceiling elements which mimicked diffused daylight.

Collections of softly lit pavilions at level 3 offer a respite from the rush of the retail world. These are incorporated as an element of the lighting for the façade, making them visible along the main road, allowing indications of what to expect inside. Customised reed lights sit discreetly amongst the planters, imagined as fireflies in a forest. These lights are synchronised so that they pulsate in time with the facade lighting.

Over the course of the project, I have found Limelight atelier to be a responsible, responsive, dedicated consultancy practice. Their commitment to design excellence and rising up to the challenge on such a massive and complex project, is both impressive and applaudable.

(Lee Choon Li - Executive Vice President, Head of Developments and projects Frasers Property)

Project Information

Client: Frasers Property

 Architect: SAA Architects / ADDP /Liu & Wo Architects

Interior Design Consultant: Formwerkz Architects

Landscape Consultant: COEN International

Awards: BCA Greenmark Gold plus 2018

Status: Completed

Limelight Atelier
"INNOVATION, CREATIVITY & UNCOMPROMISING SERVICES ARE KEY PRINCIPLES, FOR US TO DELIVER QUALITY AND SUSTAINABLE LIGHTING DESIGNS THAT ARE THOUGHTFULLY INTEGRATED, WHERE THE USERS AND THE SPACE ARE IN THE LIMELIGHT."Limelight atelier are founded on the belief of delivering masterly crafted lighting design, acting as the catalyst between a space and lighting, for the benefit of its owners & users.​We design with the sensitivity and commitment of introducing multiple sets of values that are added beyond the bottom line; our experienced lighting consultants have the abilities to apply their expertise, in uncovering opportunities to enhance the user experience with timeless illuminated spaces, addressing even the most demanding design and technical constraints. Limelight atelier builds on the Singapore mark of quality and trust, guided by our the focus on exceptional services, creativity and innovative design to the highest standard for our partners and clients.The studio's principal Melvyn Law,  the first Singaporean to be awarded with the prestigious 40 under 40 lighting professionals awards by UK's lighting design awards, has led the studio to multiple design accolades with his design thinking sensibilities and astute eye for details and innovation. Melvyn believes in the spirit and the word of light, in uplifting emotions, spaces, to truly allows the form and spatial related elements to be revealed, cohesively performing as opportunities for the introduction of economics and ecology values .Limelight atelier are multi award winning, Singapore based Lighting consultants, bringing global design sensibilities with Asian sensitivities to the real estate and building services industry. We have a reputation as stewards for consulting and designing outstanding illuminated spaces, with a focus on mixed used architecture, commercials, luxury hospitalities, and sacred places of worship.


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