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Mandai Showroom for the Full Laminate Experience

03 Aug 2022 by Arova

Having trouble deciding? Seeing (and feeling) them in person always helps. Come chat with us today!

The Arova brand is about perfection to the extremes: seamlessly blending function & design, people & product and dreams & reality. This continuity in perfection is captured by the curvatures of both the symbol and typeface.The Arova symbol of the apex within a circle best represents the concept of extreme perfection: the apex embodies how Arova pursues relentlessly the highest perfection while the circle portrays Arova’s encompassing focus on this perfection at all levels; from sales to after-sales, from customer to designer and from dreams to reality.Arova represents a fresh breath of air in the laminates industry with our innovative bent in all aspects of the business. Our laminates collection represents the latest in contemporary design because we look to the global design industry at large. Our service is unparalleled as we work closely with every designer or architect, providing prompt response and excellent sales support. Our quality of laminates is now well-known throughout the industry as they are manufactured under stringent control in South Korea. And together with our competitive pricing, we probably offer the best laminates you can ever buy.Believe in Arova. Believe in Laminates.


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