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About Arte Caviar

To live with elegance, one has to live with passion. Whether clothing, car, furniture or music around the world, they are united with their enthusiasm for craftmanship and authenticity – and that’s where Arte Caviar comes in place. You will find an in-depth collection of superior quality, fluid art coating which is handmade. We explore fluid art with coloured pigments to create unique, natural or artistic surfaces for fixture and fittings to elevate them with a touch of luxurious elegance.

Following this philosophy, Arte Caviar finds timeless, elegant design solutions which are mindful that meets the modern zeitgeist in a courageous way. With fluid art, striking colours and surfaces, we create mood and atmosphere in experimental ways. We are influenced by the proximity to the Renaissance, a vibrant period of European artistic, cultural ‘rebirth’ after the Middle Ages. Our mission is to create exotic, expressive and sustainable pieces of art without breaking the bank. We are sure you will find inspiration in the pieces we have created.

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