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About Baux

BAUX is a global market leader in designed acoustic products. Through local representation and partnerships, we supply, install and maintain sustainable acoustical solutions worldwide.

About Company

Innovasia provides high quality interior textiles, wallcoverings, acoustic materials, and customized wall art to Asia’s hospitality, commercial and entertainment industries. Our three distinct brands, Innovasia Acoustics, Innovasia Contract and Innovasia Workspace, bring together the highest caliber fabrics to satisfy industry standard requirements in the hospitality, commercial, and entertainment sectors. Innovasia is committed to delivering superior service, following strong principles to guide our growth: laser sharp precision in quality control (QC), high standard of business ethics and integrity, continuous innovation of our products, reduction of our environmental impact, and partnerships that are honest, fair and respectful.

Innovasia is a pioneer in environmental stewardship in Asia, supplying a wide range of textiles and acoustic products made from recycled and renewable materials. Our Customs Solutions department offers a variety of specialty hand-made feature wall and headboard solutions for hospitality, and our Whisper Walls® acoustic system is 100% customizable to adapt to any acoustic project conditions.

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