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28 Jan 2021 by Bona

Bona Launches Bona Quantum Silane-Based Adhesive

Bona, a global, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining and restoring premium floors, today announced the European launch of Bona Quantum, a silane based adhesive specifically formulated for the installation of wooden floors that also acts as a moisture barrier. In line with the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the new Bona Quantum is packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic containers. 

This next generation silane-based adhesive features Bona’s Titanium Technology which provides quadruple crosslinking properties that delivers superior durability and quick bonding for faster installation, even under challenging subfloor conditions. The new formula, which is also available as Bona Quantum T for those that prefer a thicker viscosity, evolves over time offering optimal strength once the adhesive is set.

“Bona Quantum represents the next generation of silane-based adhesives, featuring Bona’s revolutionary Titanium Technology, first introduced in Bona Titan,” said Torben Schuy, Product Manager Fastening, EMEA/APAC, Bona. “The new formula delivers outstanding strength that evolves over time. It is a true, all-around product.

Bona Launches Bona Quantum Silane-Based Adhesive

Bona Quantum offers accelerated curing with a high initial bonding strength. At first application, Bona Quantum is a hard elastic which allows the floor to acclimatize. Over time, the adhesive hardens and strengthens to provide a strong foundation. Floors installed with Bona Quantum can be walked on 4-6 hours after installation.

The new Bona Quantum packaging is also an evolution for Bona’s product offerings. The container is comprised of 75% post-consumer recycled plastic reducing Bona’s product carbon footprint by 60%.

When applied using the Bona Trowel Plus, Bona Quantum will act as a built-in moisture barrier. The 2-in-1 moisture barrier and adhesive assures a successful floor installation in a wide range of substrate conditions. As a result, the downtime is reduced, achieving a cost savings of up to 30%.

Click the link below to find ore information about Bona and its products: 

Bona Launches Bona Quantum Silane-Based Adhesive

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