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07 Apr 2021 by Bona

Guide To Hardwood Floor Finishes

A beautiful hardwood floor can elevate any interior, creating stunning colors and textures. While customizing the floor color is an important element, so is understanding the benefits of layering a sealer or finish that not only enhances the aesthetic but also the durability of the flooring surface.

Whether you want a traditional look or a completely customized creation, choosing the right coatings will ensure a stunning and long-lasting floor. While working with an expert flooring craftsperson is always the best route to determine the right system for a floor installation or refinishing project, here are a few tips to achieve perfect results as part of Bona’s guide to hardwood floor finishes. 

Consider a sealer

Guide To Hardwood Floor Finishes

Floor sealers offer an excellent level of protection and provide an important build layer for other protective coatings. Especially for wood floors, a sealant coat offers more control over the look, uniformity, and durability of the finished floor. The sealant coat is applied after color or stain is applied but before the finish layers are added.

While some contractors might skip this step, a sealer will even out the surface of the wood, prevent tannin bleed and side bonding, increase durability of the floor and finish, and reduce the chance of a negative reaction between the wood and finish. Additionally, a sealant coat can preserve, customize, or enhance a floor’s existing color. Wood floor sealers range from waterborne to oil-modified to natural penetrating oils, all which offer a higher level of performance and durability.

Go Waterbone

Guide To Hardwood Floor Finishes

While floor sealers protect floors by penetrating into the pores of the flooring material, the floor finish provides a protective surface layer that is the first line of defense against floor damage. Additionally, floor finishes are available in a range of sheens from extra matte to glossy that will enhance the final look of the floor.

Credit: Dave Darche is the National Market Manager – Adhesives/A&D for Bona US and has been in the wood flooring industry for more than 35 years.

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