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Induction Motor Energy Efficiency Regulations White Paper

01 Jun 2021 by Carlo Gavazzi Automation

Industrial electric motors account for roughly 50% of the worldwide power consumption. Worldwide initiatives have been put in place by different countries in relation to the efficiency improvement of electric motors. Higher quality and more efficient motors have the potential to reduce energy use significantly. The challenge with higher efficiency induction motors (IE 3, IE 4 classes) is that of the higher starting current. Such current magnitudes may cause undesirable effects on the voltage network and may also cause protection circuits to trip. This paper covers the various challenges posed by high efficiency motors and how soft starters as well as variable frequency drives can help users overcome such issues.

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Carlo Gavazzi Automation
Carlo Gavazzi Automation
Carlo Gavazzi is an international group active in designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic equipment. Automation Components is the core business operated by Carlo Gavazzi Group.Automation Components designs and manufactures electronic control components for the global building and industrial automation markets in its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factories in Italy, Lithuania, Malta and China.The products (sensors, monitoring relays, timers, energy management systems, solid state relays, electronic motor controllers, safety devices and fieldbus systems) provide automation solutions for the industrial and building automation markets.Typical customers are original equipment manufacturers of packaging machines, plastic-injection moulding machines, agriculture machines, food and beverage production, conveying and materials handling equipment, door and entrance control systems, lifts and escalators as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices. System integrators and distributors are other effective channels to the market.The products are marketed across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific through a network of 22 own sales companies and around 60 independent national distributors. In addition, Automation Components designs and manufactures signaling equipment and safety relays for the railways market.


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