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05 Dec 2021 by DNP Singapore

Phosphate Designs (DNP)

Phosphate steel is very popular as an building material in Japan.

This technology was originally used to make steel more durable.

However, phosphorus crystals on the surface creates a beautiful and profound design patterns, which are now used commenly as a design of wall cladding in Japan.

On the other hand, Beautiful characters of crystal only appear on thick and heavy steel which is usually very difficult to install.

Designed with our product using unique printing technology on thin aluminium, we managed to make phosphate steel into lighter and more stable material.

Phosphate Designs (DNP) Phosphate Designs (DNP) Phosphate Designs (DNP)

We can customize the colour accordingly to your requirement.

Phosphate Designs (DNP)

City Hall in Japan

A symbolic building of the city which welcomes all the poeple coming into the city.

Check out more deisgns @ https://www.archify.com/sg/product/supplier/product

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