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DNP Aluminium Decor Panel : Takanawa Gateway Station

04 Jan 2022 by DNP Singapore

"Takanawa Gateway Station" is the new station project in Tokyo which was developed under a theme of "Fusion of City and Station" by a famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. You would feel Japanese "Shoji(障子)" through Large woodgrain beam and Maku(膜). 

Maku(膜) = Translucent Film which is mainly used for ceiling. It gives very soft impression to the entire space.

Whole architecture was inspired by Japanese traditional houses and even some Japanese cultures such as ORIGAMI (折り紙).

DNP Aluminium Decor Panel : Takanawa Gateway Station

Japanese cedar are used for interior part of the station. These cedars are installed by Japanese traditional installation method "大和張り(Yamatobari)". It was very popular style in old houses in Japan, which is made by to nail a wood veneer alternately by slight height difference. 

Original plan was using this cedar for the exterior as well. However, our product was used instead due to the concern of maintenance and corrosion for the place where it is exposed to the elements. Just like the cedar used for interior, our Aluminium Decor Panels are installed to look like "Yamato bari".

DNP Aluminium Decor Panel : Takanawa Gateway StationDNP Aluminium Decor Panel : Takanawa Gateway StationDNP Aluminium Decor Panel : Takanawa Gateway Station

DNP Aluminium Decor Panel provides unique & rich expressions to interior, semi-exterior and exterior applications for various architectural projects.

DNP Aluminium Decor Panel : Takanawa Gateway Station

Features of Aluminium Decor Panel

1. It can give more alternatives to the architects by customizing the designs accordingly to the project theme.

2. We also have various texture developed by our technical team in past decades of time.

3. Fluorocarbon coating are used to make the product durable and keep the design Immutable.

4. Our panel can be applied to various fabrication method.

Original material will be in your hand after customization of color, design and texture. Also, the product has passed AAMA2605 standard, and proved to be durable for exterior applications through many other weathering tests. The panel are used in many different shape fabricated by various method such as Bending/Punching/Stud welding/Round bending. Combination of our original coating technology and development capability makes our product only one in the world.

DNP Aluminium Decor Panel : Takanawa Gateway Station

Development of city surrounding the station is proceeding steadily to the goal of completion in 2024. We are also expecting the new attractive town in Tokyo "Global Gateway Shinagawa", connected and interacted with the world.

DNP Singapore
DNP Singapore
The DNP Group has been providing materials and parts to create spaces for over 60 years. We offer products for all six surfaces (four walls, ceiling and floor). The Group can also help with collaborative product development, planning and coordination. We help realize diverse lifestyle scenarios through our product variation.Producing high-quality spaces through applying rich textural expressions to a range of materialsWe offer a rich product lineup that enhances the value of interior and exterior spaces, from wood and metal components, to wall coverings and incombustible components.The reliability and proven track record of our proprietary EB (electron beam) technologyFrom the 1990s, DNP has made the hardening of resin coatings possible for practical use through its unprecedented EB technology, enabling the production of interior and exterior resin coatings with enhanced functionality, scratch and stain resistance, and durability.Space proposal using design materials that appeal to the sensesThrough manufacturing that fuses new designs appealing to the senses with printing technologies, DNP offers the new lifestyles that consumers seek.


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