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About Durlum Asia

durlum develops and produces metal ceilings, lighting and daylight lighting systems for modern architecture. Together with our project partners, we create solutions that deliver a perfect synthesis between function and design. Solutions that make you feel at home.

As a globally active family business, we have been involved actively in Ceiling Lighting Ambience for more than 50 years, and we now have more than 350 people on our payroll staff. To accomplish this, we work innovatively, in an environmentally oriented manner, employing the very latest technologies and valuable materials for our product and project solutions.

We sell our products to the whole world from our locations in Europe and Asia. Our metal ceilings and luminaires, integrated ceiling-lighting solutions, daylight systems and wall claddings are all suitable for a versatile range of architectural applications. From airports and railway stations to shopping malls, office buildings and educational establishments, health centres, cultural buildings, leisure facilities or outdoor architecture – durlum can provide an appropriate and individual solution for any application.

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