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14 Feb 2020 by Elmich

Raised Deck Support for Structural Pavilion at ArchXpo 2019

Earlier this month, Elmich’s pedestal and aluminium joist were used to support an exhibition pavilion created through the collaboration between Onewood, PRODUCE, Type0, PANELOGUE, and Superstructure at ArchXpo 2019: The International Exhibition for Architecture & the Built Environment. The result of each company’s expertise and products resulted in a work named The Fluid Net Pavilion which showcased a combination of organic design with precision engineering and architecture.

Starting at the base, Elmich utilised VersiJack® height-adjustable pedestals and VersiFrame® aluminium joists to serve as a stable foundation for the pavilion. VersiFrame® aluminium joist was crucial for the installation, as the overlying wood deck was supplied in irregular shapes. The use of VersiFrame® allowed the deck to be placed securely, ensuring an even weight distribution for the raised platform to withstand visitor traffic.

Raised Deck Support for Structural Pavilion at ArchXpo 2019

Raised Deck Support for Structural Pavilion at ArchXpo 2019

Reconstituted wood panels from Onewood and PANELOGUE were then used to establish the structure of the pavilion according to architectural and interior designs by PRODUCE, Type0 and Superstructure. The specially fabricated roof’s circular patterns resembles a net, hence the name “Fluid Net Pavilion”.

Raised Deck Support for Structural Pavilion at ArchXpo 2019

Through active participation in industry events in collaboration with sustainability-focused partners, Elmich hopes to strengthen the presence of ecologically-minded urban greenery around the globe.

This year’s ArchXpo 2019 was co-organised by Singapore Institute of Architects and Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd, and is the latest addition to the key pillars of the Archifest series. 

Click here to learn more about the benefits of aluminium joist system over conventional decking substructures in the creation of raised decking

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