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29 May 2020 by Exterpark

EXTERPARK - Revolution is Today

Exterpark Magnet System. The patented and award-winning Magnet System allows opening any single board with a simple hand tool, accessing the underfloor as many times as needed. A must for outdoor decking in WOOD, BAMBOO and WPC as it avoids the installation of access panels throughout the project and at the same time allows for an incredible ease in maintenance. Exterpark provides an advanced mechanical locking with a superior grip which holds boards stronger than a screw but yet flexible. Manufactured with the patented Invisible Profile, this decking reinvented is a step forward, a clear commitment to a new outdoor flooring, a unique experience that only features advantages.The Magnet Clip achieved in tandem with another landmark event as we championed the first chevron and herringbone decking. Come 2020, be a part of our journey as we continue to RAISE DECKING STANDARDS.


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