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Exterpark & The Magnet shines at its 18th participation in Domotex – Hannover

10 Mar 2020 by Exterpark

In January 10-13 2020, our team headed to the European edition of Domotex in Germany, the top trade fair for professionals in the flooring industry. Along with other leaders and vendors of the flooring sector, we showcased our latest innovations in a beautifully designed stand.

Exterpark & The Magnet shines at its 18th participation in Domotex – Hannover

Exterpark & The Magnet shines at its 18th participation in Domotex – Hannover

Exterpark & The Magnet shines at its 18th participation in Domotex – Hannover

The Magnet wows in Hannover

Our patented system for outdoor wooden and synthetic decking The Magnet did raise the standards for decking installations at the fair. Visitors to our stand had the chance to assemble a wooden floor themselves using The Magnet and trying first-hand its easy, quick, and silent installation, which impressed and amazed everyone.

Mario Rodríguez Yvyra’s Export Manager, said, “We are proud to provide professionals in the industry with a decking installation system like the Magnet, which we have been perfecting in the past months. The Clip has now achieved perfection in stability and regularity at short end connections and has outstanding performance, guaranteeing high quality and durability in every project where it is used.”

Get to know The Magnet

The Magnet is our patented decking installation system, that can be quickly, easily and tool-free installed in virtually every surface. With its innovative fixing system and straightforward installation, the result is a smooth, clean-looking flooring with many benefits:

Forget the gaps between boards with our patented invisible profile that avoids object loss, makes the decking safer and gives it a polished appearance, very appreciated by architects and landscape architects. 

- Screwless floors: The Magnet uses a Clip fastener with an advanced mechanical lock and top grip that holds the boards together stronger than a screw and allows the decking to be opened and closed as many times as necessary.

- 100% accessible: because the boards are easily opened and closed, you gain total access to any point of the installation below the boards.

- Super resistant: the Magnet’s exclusive aluminum battens have a load capacity greater than 4,000kg/m2. They keep straight and unspoiled for a long time and can save you time and costs because you need less units per square meter than with plastic battens.

Exterpark & The Magnet shines at its 18th participation in Domotex – Hannover

Exterpark Magnet Bamboo: the newest trend for your outdoor decking

It’s clear that eco-friendly decking options are something we all look forward to in 2020. If we want our projects to be more sustainable, the CO2 neutral bamboo is our best option. This, combined with its excellent mechanical features, durability and performance, make Bamboo flooring a major trend for this year.

At Yvyra, the Exterpark Magnet Bamboo decking is available for all your outdoor projects in beautiful natural and carbonized tones, as well as in smooth and grooved finishes, boards of 20x139x1860cm.

Are you looking to start an outdoor or indoor decking project? Contact us and we’ll give you the best options available for your space.


DECKING OUR WAY TO SUCCESSThe year 2014 was a milestone for us as it saw our best creation to date - The Magnet. A system that works on virtually any kind of surface. As a testament to our innovative spirit, we filed a new patent in 2019 featuring 4 new improvements that enhance the installation experience as well as improve the actual clip performance and stability. This was achieved in tandem with another landmark event as we championed the first chevron and herringbone deck system. Come 2020, be a part of our journey as we continue to raise decking standards, one deck at a time.  DECKING REINVENTEDInvisibilityOur patented invisible profile eliminates unsighty gaps above or under structures and at the same time making it safer for everyone. AssemblyAn advanced mechanical locking feature that works stronger than a screw yet easily removed whenever necessary without the use of tools. VersatilityOur decking are easily integrated into walls and ceilings while maintaining hassle-free replacement. SustainabilityWe manufacture using sustainable sources such as FSC certified wood and aluminium battens which are both durable and environmentally friendly.  


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