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FERMAX expands its MEET system, the new 100% IP video door entry technology

07 Nov 2019 by Fermax

The new 100% IP video door entry system from Fermax is the perfect solution for residential construction projects where an IP infrastructure will be installed, which in addition to providing excellent HD VIDEO quality and interference-free audio communication, allows the integration of alarm systems, video surveillance, access control and lift control, as well as home automation systems and multiple applications for smart homes.

One of the new releases of Fermax's new IP system, which is very much in demand in the video door entry market, is the call divert to smartphones, the installation of which is simple both for the installer and the end-user, on downloading the free MEET ME application. This app allows you to receive calls from the video intercom on your mobile phone, establish communication with the visitor, open the door or auto on the camera. 

Another new feature incorporated in MEET is facial recognition as standard in MEET outdoor panels, a function demanded by the security market. 

 New range of MEET products

The new Fermax IP system includes the MILO digital video door entry panels, with capacitive or mechanical touch keypads, which integrate all the advanced functionalities of this innovative technology. 

FERMAX expands its MEET system, the new 100% IP video door entry technology

As for the indoor terminals, Fermax has added the new WIT monitors, available in 7 and 10 inches, to the standard range of MIO monitors. WIT monitors have a renewed aesthetic for the most demanding environments, thanks to their distinguished metal frame. And for the techiest homes, the 10-inch WIT monitor is the most suitable option for the installation of home automation management Apps, not only because of the larger screen size, but also because there are two RJ45 network interfaces that allow the house IP network to be isolated from the building IP network. 

FERMAX expands its MEET system, the new 100% IP video door entry technology

Finally, the MEET Guard Unit stands out because it is the comprehensive intercommunication management device for buildings, which can be supplemented with an intuitive system management software, which allows messages to be sent to homes. 

FERMAX expands its MEET system, the new 100% IP video door entry technology

Get to know all the developments and advantages of installing Fermax's 100% IP technology at meet.fermax.com.

FERMAX is a Spanish family business based in Valencia, Spain.The company, founded by Mr. Fernando Maestre in 1949, is specialized in designing communication and access control systems, both digital and analogue, enjoying a prominent position among the world leading brands.We have 7 subsidiaries in Belgium, China, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Singapore, and 4 representative offices in Colombia, Dubai, Portugal and Turkey.And a network of International Distributors in more than 70 countries. This indicates that there are millions of people around the world enjoying our products.


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