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13 Aug 2019 by Formica

Formica Counterfeit Notice

Formica (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a sales office of Formica Group in Singapore. 

Counterfeit products have been an issue for decades, directly impacting legitimate companies through lost sales, profits and ultimately investment, as well as consumers through substandard, and in certain cases life-threatening, products.

Formica is also susceptible to counterfeiting. Recently, counterfeit decorative products with Formica designs have been found in several markets. While Formica is a registered trademark, the company is taking various measures against counterfeiting.

Please note that the official website of Formica is www.formica.com. 

Genuine Formica product can be purchased directly from Formica authorised distributors, dealers or resellers. Formica Group will take proper and severe actions, including further legal actions if necessary, against illegal counterfeiters and distributors.


Please contact Formica (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. at +65 6514 1313 if you would like to report any suspicious parties selling or presenting our products . We appreciate your assistance in preventing the distribution of counterfeit products.

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