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13 Aug 2019 by Formica

Formica Yacht Party 2019

Formica Thailand sales & marketing team held an exclusive event for Thailand’s top A&D customers on 2 March 2019 in Pattaya. It was a nice sunny day for our “Sea Sun Fun” Yacht Party where customers gathered at Ocean Marina Yacht Club around midday for registration and lunch together. Then customers and sales staff were divided into four groups by colours to board four yachts, and all were ready to set sail! Though some got a little seasick, most of the participants enjoyed themselves with activities such as snorkeling, swimming and posing for photos with the beautiful sea background. After the luxe day out on a yacht, the participants attended an exclusive poolside dinner party held at D Varee Jomtien Pattaya in the evening. Those who were born in March were called out on the stage and a surprise birthday cake was presented to them together with special birthday gifts prepared by the sales team. After that, the Facebook activity winner was announced and AirPods were given to a customer who had 94 likes on her video post with #FomicaYachtParty. The evening entertainment featured a live music band led by our own renowned salesperson, Maprang. At the end of the night, lucky draws took place where we gave away Central vouchers and the big prize – a Go Pro 7 Black.    

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