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About S3 Technologies

Inter-Span Marketing Pte Ltd is established in 2010, and is the main marketing arm of S3 Technologies in Singapore. Tapping on our parent company S3 Technologies, we have over 20 years of experience in producing prepacked building materials.

Inter-Span Marketing has supplied wide ranges of construction and building materials to many private residential, commercial & industrial, and major public government projects. Our dedicated team is confident to meet our client’s building needs with prompt replies and delivery. Up till date, Inter-Span Marketing has supplied to many well established main and sub contractors for their projects – both locally and overseas.

At Inter-Span Marketing, we focus not only on providing our customer with reliable and efficient solution for the building industry, we also ensure that our staff continuously work towards providing product quality assurance and solutions to our customers.

Our team of dedicated chemical engineers and researchers continuously research and develop new products complementing current industry needs and application techniques.

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