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About Miredo Asia

Our Products Enhance Your Quality of Living and Safety

Solar Films - Advanced Functional Window Films - Antiviral Disinfection Products

Miredo Asia works directly with globally recognized companies such as Sumitomo Japan to give you high quality and innovative products like our premium Sumitomo Refleshine window solar film which reflects heat & UV with the best rejection technology in the market without compromising natural lighting.

Miredo Asia also carries unique products you won't find anywhere else in Singapore such as our wide selection of advanced functional window films, anti-viral & anti-bacterial film coatings and our new human-safe surface & air disinfection light system, Mirelight, which has technology highlighted by WHO and has been vetted & acknowledged by NEA for efficacy & safety to deploy in public places with people around.

Our products have technology backed by real science and have been tested as proven solutions in the real world. Our focus to provide the best products comes from our desire to give you the best value and satisfaction for your money. When you contact us for your needs, you can not only expect high quality long-lasting dependable solutions but also service that provides a long-lasting relationships.

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