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About ModuleX

ight is not just a medium that provides brightness.
Things we aim to produce with our lighting are feelings and irreplaceable experience.
Our proud lighting comes with “functions” that can increase the value of space and environment and “effects” that bring about comfort and sophistication.
Ordinary light cannot raise the value of space nor cause warm feelings among people.
What is “Lighting?”
It is an “optimal integrated solution” generated by combining “hardware technology (equipment technology)” and “software (lighting design technique)” that serves the needs of each individual client.
We “ModuleX”, continue our endeavor to advance as lighting professionals and be a pioneer of innovative lighting solutions.

From all staff and directors
ModuleX Inc.


ModuleX provides comprehensive and integrated lighting solutions.

“Lighting”, the key to unites people and their environment.

Ordinary light is just an electrical device. But “lighting” is not the same.
We consider “lighting” is one of the most essential elements that combines people’s activities in particular buildings or space in a given area and environment.
The light has a big impact on the shaping of buildings, rooms and space. It also affects the sense of time and seasons as well as psychological comfort such as calmness and liveliness.
The light is directly linked to people’s mental state, the laws of nature and a long history of civilization and cultural development. We believe that the lighting equipment and design should take all these factors into consideration.
However, the recent lighting equipment seems to solely emphasize its data and statistics such as brightness, color rendering index and myopic ideas of energy-saving effect. An overflow of such information has neglected the key question of “how the light should exist in a particular place, time and environment.”
Easy-to-use materials for professionals must consistently come with: simple yet versatile lighting functions and variations, technology to flexibly adjust own products and made-to-order options to accommodate clients’ needs, optical technology and lighting design that optimize the performance of such hardware, and fine-tuning support at each client’s site.

We take pride in our products and services and are determined to provide the best for your needs. We look forward to serving you with ModuleX’s integrated lighting solutions.

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