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03 Aug 2020 by Netzach

Types of Wood


  • Light coloured.
  • Prominent rings and large pores that gives its coarse texture and prominent grains.
  • Possesses great strength, hardness and resistant to insect and fungal attacks.
  • Historically used for making wine barrels. Nowadays, it is used for furniture and flooring.


  • Usually light brown.
  • High strength and resilience.
  • Grains that looked similar to that of oak.
  • Known uses include making of baseball bats, guitar bodies.
  • For furniture use, ash is easy to use with nails, screws and glue.


  • Dark chocolate coloured.
  • Grains are wavy at the roots and straighten out in the trunks.
  • Strong, hard and durable.
  • Most versatile and popular.
  • Good wood working properties.


  • Golden to medium brown.
  • Coarse texture with medium-sized open pores.
  • Slight greasy or oily feel.
  • Commonly used to make doors, frames, furniture and veneer.
  • Indigenous to South and Southeast Asia.


  • Light to red-brown coloured.
  • Moderately strong and close grained.
  • Resistant to warping and checking.
  • Easy to crave and polish.
  • Light brown finishing.


  • Light to medium brown.
  • Hard and shock resistant.
  • Usually straight.
  • Veneers are usually two toned.

Figured Aningeria

  • Light yellowish-brown colour. Tend to darken to golden brown with age.
  • Closed pores similar to maple.
  • Grains may be mottled or curly.
  • Commonly used as a veneer.
  • Used for interior and furniture.


  • Wood is usually white with a silky lustre.
  • Usually has fine and even texture.
  • Wavy grains.
  • Good for making instruments, furniture, wood flooring and parquetry.

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