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About Pressalit

Premium bathroom solutions since 1954

Pressalit A/S is a Danish privately owned company with production facilities in Ry, Denmark. Since 1954, we have been designing and producing toilet seats of the highest quality. And since 1975, Pressalit has also been developing accessible bathrooms and height-adjustable kitchens for people with reduced mobility. This has made us one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium bathroom solutions. High quality, flawless design and reliable functionality are the core features of our wide range of products.

About Company


ACTIVE AGING LLP, is a 100% Singapore enterprise, dedicated to enabling seniors and the disabled, to ‘keep living’ well, independently and healthily, with grace and dignity.

As PRESSALIT’s Authorized Distributor for Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, ACTIVE AGING LLP carries a wide range of PRESSALIT products, designed and engineered for people with reduced functional capacity; that are used in bathrooms, kitchens and workspaces.

PRESSALIT, with a history that dates back to 1954, is a leading manufacturer of toilet seats and flexible solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. PRESSALIT products are now proudly available through ACTIVE AGING LLP in Singapore.

Join us in our journey to adding life to years.  Safely.  Securely.  With absolute peace of mind.

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