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22 Sep 2020 by RECKLI

Suurstoffi residential building

Suurstoffi 37 juts out from among its neighboring buildings like a lighthouse. The Swiss architecture firm Ramer Schmid designed a CO2-neutral garden skyscraper with green vertical gardens that blur the line between outside and inside. Residents can expect flexible apartment types, a wintergarden and recessed balconies.

Suurstoffi residential building

The architects gave the concrete used for the balconies a special look using RECKLI SELECT texture 2/175 Friesland: a wave-like texture was applied to the inside and outside of the balconies. Moving sunlight creates a constantly changing interplay of light and shadow on the texture.

Suurstoffi residential building

The experts at the Austrian precast plant Nägele turned to RECKLI advisor Reinhold Wagner to ensure that the RECKLI formliners didn’t leave a visible seam on the precast concrete elements. The texture was applied to runs of up to 11 meters.

Around 90 square meters of formliners were used to design the concrete elements for the mounted façade. The project was completed in 2017.

Suurstoffi residential building

Project: Suurstoffi residential building 

Location: Risch-Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Architect: Ramser Schmid

Concrete Design: RECKLI SELECT 2/175 Friesland

Photos: Roger Frei

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