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Head Office

Rockfon Singapore

No 7 Tuas Avenue 1 , Jurong Town, 639492 Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

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Skydragon Construction Products, Inc. (SKYCON)

4th Floor Fortune Building,
144 Pasig Boulevard,
Pasig City, Philippines.

Pasig City, Phillipines

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Viendong Construction & Interior Decoration JSC.

6th Floor, Vien Dong Building,
No. 36 Hoang Cau,
Dong Da Dist,
Hanoi , Vietnam.

Hanoi City, Vietnam

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Rockunion Corporation

9F., No. 217, Sec.2, New Taipei Blvd.,
Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City
New Taipei 242032


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Modern Supplies

Unit 48, 6 Jubilee Ave
Warriewood NSW 2102

New South Wales, Australia

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Commercial Building Supplies

P.O. Box 302227 North Harbour
35 Wookey Lane, Kumeu

Auckland, New Zealand

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