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19 Feb 2020 by Roto Frank

Range of applications is extended once again: “Roto AL” for sash heights up to 3000 mm

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – The trend for really tall windows and balcony doors made of aluminium is showing no sign of abating and is driving the need for special approvals for hardware solutions. In response to this, this year Roto subjected further hardware configurations from the “Roto AL” product range to extensive testing for sashes up to 3000 mm high. This way, window manufacturers will in future be able to submit their offer for an even greater number of elements without having to wait for special approval.

Tests passed

A new set of installation instructions will be released in January 2020 on the basis of the tests that were passed. After publication, the solutions from the “Roto AL” product range presented in these instructions can be manufactured up to a sash height of 3000 mm without the need for special approval. Aluminium windows of the Turn-Only, Tilt-Only, Tilt&Turn and TiltFirst opening types were put through their paces.

“Roto AL” with extended standard from January 2020

Included in the new installation instructions is the new and special “Roto AL” hinge side set for elements up to a sash height of 3000 mm. This set consists of the familiar components for the 130 kg hinge side and a reinforced corner hinge. The corner hinge and pivot rest are available in the form of preassembled components for DIN right and DIN left sashes, which reduces the installation time in window production. The height can be conveniently adjusted directly via the sash roller when the sash is either tilted or turned. An adjusting screw integrated in the corner hinge can be adjusted using a hex key, size 4 mm, across a distance from +1.5 mm to -1 mm. The new hinge side set is offered in any colour of your choice.

Strong consultation

If windows taller than 3000 mm are to be made available, Roto Aluvision will continue to support window manufacturers in future by proving fast, binding statements on feasibility and necessary testing or special approval. Matthias Kosog, Category Manager Tilt&Turn Aluvision, points out that: “It goes without saying that Roto is working on continuously expanding the application range of ‘Roto AL’ with standard components. The fact remains, however, that when a window cannot be produced with a standard solution included in the installation instructions, we are also the right point of contact because of the outstanding consultation we offer. ‘You can always count on Roto!’ We prove this almost on a daily basis with property-specific solutions which allow window manufacturers to meet virtually any customer requirement.” 

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