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About Siong Door

A Wide Range Of Hdb, Condo And Landed Property Doors

An interior designer looking for the perfect doors to complement your design vision? A contractor looking for high quality doors for a home or office project? A homeowner looking for a door replacement to match the style and design of your home? With over 1,000 pieces of ready stock, you know you’ll find the right doors at Siong Door.

We have been providing high quality wooden, veneer / laminate plywood and custom-made doors, and door installation services for HDB doors, condo doors and landed property doors throughout Singapore since 1992.

Why Choose Us?

Immediate Supply

- Ready Inventory Of Over 1,000 Pieces Of Timber Doors And Veneer Ply.

- In-House Woodworking Facility Based In Singapore Can Customise Doors To Realise Your Design Vision.

- Ownership Of Production Process Lets Us Meet Installation Schedules With Short Lead Times.


- We Can Provide Homeowners, Id Firms And Contractions With Material And Installation Services, Or Materials Supply Only.

- In-House Installation Team Lets Us Ensure Better Job Quality Control.

- Ownership Of The Full Supply Chain – From Materials, Production, Installation, Right Up To After Sales Service – Lets Us Control And Deliver High And Consistent Job Quality.

Peace Of Mind

- Backed By Over 30 Years Of Industry Experience, Our Team Is Ready To Assist With Any Unique Requirements Or Troubleshooting.

- Our Expertise In Doors Help Homeowners And Interior Design Firms Realise Their Design Plans.

- No Charges For On-Site Visits To Service Our Products For 3 Months.

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