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About Suar Wood Table

The Wood working process


From plain slab to Bespoke Artpiece


Every one of our pieces starts as a slab, created from a slice of a tree trunk. These trees speak through the grain of their wood. But it is difficult to read their stories, especially for an untrained eye.

We keep an extensive inventory of the logs with a focus on figured wood grain. Once selected we make repeated parallel cuts until all boards are freed. We do not cut the bark edges off as to leave the natural “Live Edge” intact.

Each individual piece of wood is hand selected and evaluated by its size, natural shape, thickness, colour, characteristics of the grain, texture, figure and structural integrity.

The selected slab is then designed with art in mind and sculpted by hand with unwavering passion. Through its unique lines and curves, the live edge grain conveys the captivating story of its life.

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