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01 Aug 2019 by TAT Ming Wallpaper


The Orbis Walk For Sight 2019 has entered its 20th anniversary this year, and was successfully held on 10 March at Tai Tam Country Park. Tat Ming took part in this meaningful fundraising event to support Orbis’s blindness prevention projects. Orbis has been working to save sights around the world, ensuring everyone has access to quality eye care, no matter where they live. The charity walk aimed to allow Orbis’s medical team to provide basic ophthalmic equipment and eye protection knowledge to children in remote areas around the world. Tat Ming Wallpaper joined the 6km route at Tai Tam Country Park and received the “Cooperate Team – Gold Award’ from Orbis with a fundraising amount of more than HK$30,000. Through this fundraising walk, Tat Ming hopes that more people can receive proper treatments, and also encouraging employees to support charity events. Orbis is an international non-profit medical education organization founded in 1982. It has played a significant role in blindness prevention to decrease worldwide visual impairment. It provides quality ophthalmic services, by enhancing ophthalmic medical tools and technology in different areas. Orbis also recruits specialized ophthalmologists and organizes professional training. With specific measures, Orbis hopes that more people can obtain affordable and continuous eye treatments, so that unnecessary blindness can be avoided.

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