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08 Jul 2019 by The Floor Gallery

Popular Bay Window Ideas in Singapore

Authentic bay windows – windows that are built projecting outwards from the outside wall – are usually hard to find in Singapore’s public and even private housing. Nevertheless, the bay window concept is popular in Singapore as it adds character to the structure of a room. Commonly found in the living room, bay windows allow natural light and sunshine into the room, where it can host a variety of activities.

Idea #1 – Create A Resting Corner

The most popular bay window idea in Singapore is to have the living room window area transformed into a resting space. Build a bay window seat, pile on a couple of cushions to “soften” up this little corner, and you have yourself a sweet spot in the living room, where you can sit, nap, and enjoy the view outside!

To withstand constant exposure to sunlight and possibly some rain, the bay window seat ought to be more than just aesthetically pleasing. For this, it is recommended that homeowners choose a material that is waterproof, easy to maintain, and highly durable to avoid surface warping and discolouration. And while using flooring for a bay window seat may go against one’s instinct, a highly suitable material to consider would be The Floor Gallery’s Eco Resilient Flooring (ERF). Not only does it fit the bill, it is also available in a wide range of beautiful natural-looking wood designs.

Idea #2 – Build More Storage Space

Not only can the bay window seat be a place to rest, it can double up as storage space to store more! For a renovation project at Coco Palms Residences in Pasir Ris, the homeowner’s bay window was custom made and extended with a cabinet to create a sizeable lounge area.

For this Coco Palms Residences project, The Floor Gallery assisted in overlaying the top surface of the bay window seat with water-resistant vinyl flooring, matching the same hardy material used for the house’s floor!

Idea #3 – Platform Bay Window

Perhaps the most interesting of all three bay window design ideas, this popular design features a low but slightly elevated platform, creating a bay window “living space” that surely stands out in the house.

Homes with large windows can take advantage of the distance between the adjacent walls to build a low-platform bay window. This helps to create the illusion of an extended living area that makes the room appear luxurious. To further enhance this space, consider using the beautiful Thai Teak design of the Eco Resilient vinyl flooring series, which was used in the project above.

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