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02 Dec 2020 by TOLI

Vinyl Flooring with Antiviral Performance from TOLI Japan

On November 17, 2020, TOLI Corporation began manufacturing vinyl floorings with antiviral performance. 

TOLI has been offering interior materials to create a comfortable living space, that has antibacterial 

performance, deodorant performance, stain resistance and so on for different applications.

We are now adding antiviral performance to HOSPILEUM NW, SF Floor NW, CARESAFE NW,

and MATURE NW, which are widely used in healthcare, welfare and educational facilities.

The products will be completely changed from 2nd quarter 2021 onwards, except for MATURE NW,

which will be antiviral finished by order. We are planning to add antiviral performance to other vinyl

floorings, carpets, and curtains which are used in office, residence and various facilities, in addition to

existing antiviral wall coverings.

For detailed change, please contact TOLI.

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