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About Tyco

Tyco Fire Protection Products is a strategic business unit that brings together globally trusted and recognized brands, including advanced brands in the industry, SIMPLEX, ANSUL, Haidun, HYGOOD, PYRO -CHEM, SKUM, TYCO and GRINNELL.

Tyco fire products provide fire fighting solutions and auxiliary building construction solutions for commercial, industrial, public institutions, government agencies and residential buildings. We focus on research and development of chemical and water-based fire protection technology, providing innovative technical solutions and global certification. Our main products include manual fire fighting equipment, fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishing agents, sprinkler systems, valves, piping products and accessories.

Tyco fire protection products invest a lot of financial and manpower every year to develop new technologies to protect people, property and the environment. These innovative technologies are based on the needs of customers, and are also the result of a comprehensive understanding of the uniqueness of related industries and the challenges and opportunities they face. With advanced R&D facilities and modern manufacturing platforms around the world, we can provide customers with solutions with quantifiable value, high performance, and sustainable development.

Tyco's fire protection product technology and research and development centers (COE) are located all over the world. Every year, more than 4,000 people receive product and industry training in our advanced technology and /R&D center:

// Cranston, Rhode Island, U.S.

// Marinette, Wisconsin, U.S.

// Shanghai, China

// Mumbai, India

// Cologne, Germany

// Enschede, Netherlands

The continuous research and development of chemical fire extinguishing systems, water fire extinguishing systems and mechanical solutions have enabled Tyco fire products to set numerous industry firsts:

// The first fully automatic integrated sprinkler system

// The first automatic temperature sensor nozzle

// The first commercial kitchen equipment fire extinguishing system

// The first sustainable inert clean gas fire extinguishing system

// The first residential large-scale and early suppression rapid response sprinkler (ESFR)

// The first dry powder and dual-medium fire extinguishing system for off-road vehicle equipment

// The first glass ball nozzle

// The first external storage pressure fire extinguisher

// The first biodegradable environmentally friendly "A" type foam liquid

// The first residential nozzle

// The first toxic gas suppression foam

In order to better serve the Chinese market, Tyco completed the equity acquisition of Shanghai Golden Shield Fire Safety Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014. Golden Shield’s advantage in China’s domestic sprinkler and gas fire extinguishing product lines will help Tyco better Provide customers with customized products and solutions.

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