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About Vintec

Vintec is the leading specialist and expert in climate-controlled wine cellars in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, with more than 25,000 wine cellars sold in 2017 across 15 markets.

Being intimately related to the wine industry and having focused solely on wine cabinets for over two decades, Vintec has developed the largest and most advanced range of wine cabinets to suit all wine storage requirements, from 20 to 4000 bottles. Our climate-controlled wine cellars under the Vintec and Transtherm brands are designed to recreate the perfect storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars – always respecting the 5 pillars of wine cellaring. 

In 2016, Vintec was acquired by the Electrolux group, a 100-year-old company recognized for its professional cooking appliances heritage in Europe, and focused on creating great consumer experiences around food… and now wine. With the Vintec acquisition, Electrolux plans to develop new innovative products, services and experiences to meet the needs of wine drinkers and wine lovers worldwide.

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