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Partition wall is a practical and economical solution for dividing and optimizing spaces effectively. They allow you to recreate an arrangement that meets real operational needs, without altering the structural layout of the building. To be able to fully concentrate on your work while your colleagues talk, move and walk around you in an open-plan office can often be difficult. Therefore, privacy and sound insulation are sometimes needed to support productivity and creativity. At the same time, however, it is also necessary to have shared spaces for all collaborative activities. An office partition wall will allow you to take advantage of the office space by organizing the subdivision of the rooms at best. Here are some types of office room partition:

• Glass partition wall

Glass partition wall is the most attractive and the most popular choice for an office room partition. Strong and transparent, glass is ideal when you want to delimit a space without blocking out light. It allows you to create an airy and bright environment, which seems to make the space appear more spacious. Furthermore, it is the perfect material to create an office room partition but also allow employees to stay visually interconnected with the rest of the work team. Opting for a glass partition wall might also be ideal as an alternative to concrete partition wall in case of unproductivity caused by working long hours in confined spaces or even claustrophobia.

• Office room partition made of wood and other materials

These materials might not be the first ones that come into your mind when planning an office room partition, yet wooden partition can present a cozy and comfortable look. There are various alternatives available, ranging from the cheapest chipboard panel with melamine finishes to solid or laminated wood. Compared to glass walls, wood or steel allows you to create an office room partition that guarantees greater privacy. There is also a fixed partition wall made of plasterboard that can be set up in a short time for more flexibility in creating separate office rooms .

• Portable office partition

For employees who are frequently mobile, you can provide a solution by using portable office partition wall. You can reduce the budget if one day your employees have to move to a new branch office. Portable office partition wall can be easily assembled and disassembled. This type of office room partition has a minimalist concept. It is not only practical but also economical. Portable partitions are suitable for offices that do not have a permanent building and move quite often. 

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